Is Duralast a Good Car Battery? Here’s My Honest Reviews

Duralast batteries are a viable option for many a customer due to them being moderately priced. On the other hand, their performance is outmatched by very few brands in this range. But overall, are Duralast batteries good? Can it be a contender among other popular brands that manufacture the best of the batteries, performance-wise?

Duralast batteries come recommended by many experts, and my choice among them is the “51R-DLG” from their gold range. Though they have many options for all price ranges, specialists suggest their gold and platinum range than standard series. The difference is not just in the performance but also in the warranty period.

Ever wondered who makes Duralast batteries? Johnson Controls, the same company that makes popular brands like DieHard by Sears, Varco, ACDelco, and more also manufacture these. They are exclusively available at AutoZone. Contact your nearest AutoZone for replacement. They also take your old batteries for recycling.

Top 3 Best Duralast Car Batteries Comparisons

1. Duralast 51R-DLG Car Battery

Considered the best among all their batteries, the 51R-DLG car battery is a cost-effective and powerful battery weighing 27.81 pounds. The lightweight makes it easy for everyone to handle, amateur or technician. However, the lack of handle might be a hindrance if you’d have to lower your battery.

With 500 cold-cranking amps and 625 cranking amps, the battery is designed to exceed your expectations, especially when compared to your vehicle’s original battery. Even in freezing cold weather, the battery should not give you any trouble getting the car started. Combined with a 12-volt battery and sturdy construction, the battery gives you efficiency and long life.

The reserve capacity is another important specification that decides the battery efficiency, which the 51R-DLG aces with about 85 minutes. Tests show that the battery can store a substantial amount of charge through several recurrent discharge-charge cycles.

Made with a shock-resistant polypropylene frame, the battery can withstand any vibration. This also limits the damage to the battery due to the same. Designed with the highest number of plates and grids, it delivers peak power necessary for a startup.

The pricing is also moderate at $169.99, and the 3-year replacement warranty is also not bad considering its rival. The vent caps are the best in the market, made especially for safe operations.


  • Maximum starting power
  • Less self-discharge
  • Highly efficient as long as it works


  • Considered expensive since much lesser cost-effective options are available in the market
  • The unavailability of a handle makes it difficult to carry

2. Duralast Platinum Battery 35-AGM Group Size 35 650 CCA

A reliable battery, that doesn’t break the bank yet gives you efficient power is the 35-AGM from their Platinum range. Packed with features the product gives its competitors a run for their money. Starting with the weight, it weighs at 39 pounds, an average weight for all AGM batteries.

With a cold-cranking amp of 650, it is perfect for those cold mornings when you need to cold start the car. The cranking amps are at a whopping 810, making it a perfect buy for an ordinary sedan to an SUV. It has an excellent reserve capacity at 100 minutes and a good performance at 50 amp-hour.

The battery is an Absorbed Glass Mat battery, hence is an outstanding combination of dependability, resilience, and power. The above features make it ideal for cars requiring a safe and solid energy source for state of the art electronic devices. It also offers more discharge cycles than its peers and also recharges faster.

35-AGM gives your car the much-needed starting power and also a deep cycle capability. Moreover, it’s robust, compact frame makes for its reliability and offers resistance to vibration and an extended lifetime. The leakproof and spill-proof design allows you to install it in any position you prefer, not just the horizontal mounting.

The battery boasts of a longer life cycle than regular batteries, with it being more than two times the amount. And the 3-year warranty nails it, making it a perfect choice for our list.


  • Powerful battery. Appropriate for a wide variety of cars from sedans to SUVs and for vehicles with the latest technologies requiring more power
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof make it suitable to be installed at any angle
  • High CCA value of 650, making it ideal for cold winter mornings
  • Maintenance-free


  • Reserve capacity of just 100 minutes shows a slightly higher discharge rate
  • 12v/50AH is not the best there is in the market

3. Duralast Gold Battery 124R-DLG Group Size 124R 700 CCA

The best non-AGM battery there is but with all the features that make an AGM battery is the 124R-DLG from their Gold Series. As with all the batteries from this brand, the frame is a polypropylene construction that is impact resistant and helps reduce damage caused by vibration. At $169.99, the battery gives you a reliable and durable battery in this price range.

With the 12V voltage, it is perfect for your everyday car and SUV operations but not loaded with electronic devices. The 770 cold-cranking amps give your car the extra kick it needs to get started in extreme cold weather conditions. Apart from that, it also has 875 cranking amps making it ideal for moderate weather too.

At 120 hour reserve minutes, the battery provides you with extra power when it is most needed. It also gives you the power delivered by the OEM battery and is also an exact fit. Integrated with a maximum number of plates and grids, it delivers maximum power during firing up. The specially designed paste helps improve the performance of your vehicle.

At about 40 lbs, it is easy to handle and not too heavy for a car battery. The built-in vent caps assure safe operation and ensure your safety. The 3-year replacement warranty seals the deal and gives you another reason to purchase this battery.


  • The 770 CCA makes it an ideal choice if you are loving in cold conditions
  • Long reserve capacity
  • 3-year replacement warranty


  • Not a heavy-duty car battery
  • Prone to overcharging
  • Cannot see the battery status

Why Duralast Batteries?

You may find that Duralast batteries hit the mark consistently with regards to performance, especially when compared to batteries in the same price range. This is notably true when it comes to the gold and platinum series. They also provide a warranty of 3 to 5 years, depending on the series.

The reservation of capacity for most models is good and great, and most important of all, nearly all batteries in the brand score well in the CCA rating. With all the above, these batteries can easily be a contender to the other top battery brands. With the Duralast gold battery review in hand, you can easily choose the one that you need.

How to Choose the Right Duralast Battery for Your Vehicle

Just like the type of car battery, the series you choose also matters. If you choose the basic models, it can offer only so many features for the price they offer. You need to consider the battery life, amp-hours, discharge time, and finally, the warranty. So, it’s crucial that you choose one that suits your vehicle and its needs.

You will find that when it comes to these batteries, the gold series and the platinum series are the consistently performing ones in the market. The silver or the standard series is often a hit or a miss, and with just a 2-year warranty, you might want to upgrade if possible.

The following is the key to buying a suitable battery for your car.

Pick the Most Suited Battery

The battery that comes with your car is the most suitable one for your vehicle’s needs. So, when you replace it, the one you choose must exceed it or at least equal it. Your local AutoZone can look and recommend the best battery for your needs, but it’s best you upgrade to a gold or a platinum battery.

With an upgrade comes peace of mind that you have opted for the best possible choice for your car. If you have a vehicle that is packed with electronic systems, infotainment, and heated seats, you might want to go for a platinum one as that has the capacity to handle the needs. Not to mention the long warranties.


Your car battery, whatever you choose, should have a minimum of at least 2 years. Anything lesser than that is not beneficial to you. Duralast offers you a 2-year warranty on its standard range. Not to be left behind the gold series, they come with sufficient CCA to handle the power requirements of winter.

The gold variant comes with a 3-year warranty and has enough power to handle infotainment systems and also heated seats of a regular car. But if you are talking about the latest line of tech combined with electronic systems, you might want to lean towards their platinum variant, which offers a 3-year warranty with its battery.

Battery Frame

Your car battery is usually present in the trunk of the car hence it takes a hit in the form of vibrations. If your battery frame is not designed to handle this, you can lose it soon enough. While your standard and the gold series are both lead-acid batteries made of polypropylene to handle impact, the platinum range is made of absorbed glass mat, which is a different league altogether.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is different for each battery and is not related to the series. All three series have batteries with higher reserve minutes. Though platinum is the line packed with features, it is the gold series lead-acid battery that offers a better reserve capacity. And as such, it is the gold series which is more expensive than the AGM.

Another question I often get asked is, how long do duralast batteries last? I can confidently say that they last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and that’s why I choose to recommend them.

Capacity for Discharge

Let us cover the Platinum range first; It is leak-proof and spill-proof, as is common with AGM batteries. And as such, it also offers deep-cycle discharge among its different models. They come equipped with thick plates, offering deep discharge without damaging the integrity of the battery.

The platinum range also offers a 70% to 80% deep discharge. Any more than that, it’s lifetime is degraded. This comes in handy in a vehicle with higher power demand. On the other hand, the gold series cannot handle such power needs. The deep discharge can permanently damage the battery.

Duralast Platinum vs. Gold Series

As I mentioned earlier, the best battery contender is the gold and the platinum series, entirely. The features they provide make for an interesting comparison but one to give a deep thought when it comes to choosing a car battery.

Duralast Gold

Even with its limitations as a lead-acid battery, it aims to provide you with a better capacity than your original battery. With a better CCA, it ensures a safer operation in cold weather conditions. Their sturdy construction makes for a reliable and durable product.

It can handle off-road terrains and is impact resistant. The sizes are almost universal, and you can find a fit for any vehicle. They also have a high starting power and a better reserve capacity.

Duralast Platinum

The platinum version is the latest in the line, with an AGM battery. It is a deep cycle battery hence has a huge scope. When it comes to cars, it is perfect for those, which have a huge power requirement. Due to its sealed nature, the battery is more robust and can handle vibrations better than the gold series.
Just saying compared to other brands, AGM batteries here are definitely less expensive.


Duralast batteries by AutoZone are a serious contender among car battery brands due to them being moderately priced and also highly robust and powerful. They have batteries raging in three series, the Standard, Gold, and Platinum. While the standard and gold are lead-acid batteries, the platinum is an AGM battery.

The one I suggest you buy is the 51R-DLG Car Battery due to its sturdy nature and high CCA ratings. Experts love this model and hence an apt one to buy if it fits your vehicle’s specifications. The other models I love are 124R-DLG Group Size 124R 700 CCA from their gold series and 35-AGM Group Size 35 650 CCA from platinum series.

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