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Battery Authority Blog | Interstate, Car and Marine Batteries Reviews

Interstate Deep Cycle Battery Prices for Your Boats and RVs

Just how good is the Interstate brand if you are looking for high-quality batteries—for starting or for deep cycling?

Well, let us say that is still in the rankings game with the other giants of the battery industry and are not backing down. If you read down below and get to know the state of the Interstate deep cycling battery prices, you will find out just why.

Are Interstate Batteries “Maintenance Free?”—Is It Worth The Price For The “Deep Cycle” Function?

Well, for starters, batteries that come from the Interstate brand are usually:

Quite useful when it comes to the overall quality that they bring up in their battery lineup and selections, across varying (and affordable) price ranges for different demographics.
Quite praiseworthy within many reviews and rankings of performance batteries from several points of criticism, usually within the top ten or top five or even high 3 in the records.
Entirely “complete” when it comes to their batteries functioning across a high degree of commercial platforms like marine batteries, golf cart batteries, m-line batteries, and for RV batteries, as well.

Quite useful for features, right? – for much as it can be complete in a battery brand, the Interstate brand is one brand you can trust (a good number of experts seem to think so).

But, are Interstate brand batteries worth the price? – and is the brand worth buying in general and specifically, is it worth buying when it comes to ‘deep cycle’ functions?

Let us break this down to the three aspects of what we want to get out of when it comes to batteries from the Interstate brand:

#1 – Overall Price Range
Batteries from popular and commercial brands all come in different sorts of packages and categories—not to mention designations.
Manufacturing quality and quantity all matter whenever the price of a product is in question, as well as several other factors that can go beyond that.
Overall, the price range for many of the batteries for Interstate (in both the central selling location as well as in outsourcing battery selling sites) usually round up from 99 Dollars to as much as 145 Dollars for their “starting” batteries, 99 Dollars to as much as 353 Dollars for their “dual-purpose” batteries and 119 Dollars to as much as 293 Dollars for their “deep cycle” (SRM) series of cells.

#2 – Maintenance Free
Regardless of what you think about the overall price range for the batteries that Interstate belongs to, one also wonders if it is easy to use.
Some confidence is there when you consider that Interstate (and their batteries) are usually in the high-end when it comes to their overall performance in battery rankings—they generally quite rank good and thus, perform well.
One of the critical performance factors that you can find from several of these rankings and ratings is the overall ease and usage when it comes to battery maintenance.
“Maintenance” when you are talking about user usage and consumption of batteries is, generally just how easily a consumer can use the battery without much need for the consumers to “monitor” so much—indicative that the array contains a lot of “safety performance features” for the user.
And, when it comes to these “safety performance features,” Interstate along with top (and consistent) performing battery brands do very much secure this feature within their marketing as well as in the consensus reviewing these products—it is all well and good, it seems.

#3 – Deep Cycle Function
Interstate possess (or produce?) a development sub-brand of batteries specifically in attunement for “deep cycle” functions, which contain the label of SRM (as in SRM in-depth cycle battery series).
“Deep Cycle” is a category that refers to a battery’s function to correctly power a vehicle’s engine not for starting, but delivering appropriate voltage charge and voltage currents to several applications of a car like an RV’s lightbulbs or radio service (same with boats and their applications).
In that respect, the SRM batteries perform quite well when it comes to features generally in association with “good to great” deep cycle functions such as repeatable charge-discharge cycles at 40-amps per hours well as 840-amperage cranking capacity (which is quite high).

Are Interstate Batteries AGM (Or Advanced Glass Mat Batteries)—Is It The Same With “Deep Cycle”?

It is probably more appropriate for the question to be whether (or not) the “deep cycle” function of a battery is correlative to AGMs or advanced glass mat type batteries.

The answer to the question above is that they are not necessarily, anyway.

An explanation for the statement above is that:

An AGM is a type of battery structure that contains its battery acid material (sulfate) within an enclosure of “gel” coating with a fiber-mat surface to control and account for internal vibration resistance—the decreasing temperature in the battery.
A “deep cycle” is, again, a battery function (by design) to allow it to power up applications within a vehicle long after the starting phase.
So, they may not be directly in connection with each other, but they are not also apart either—and most of the batteries of Interstate place AGM as a priority.

How Long Do Interstate “Deep Cycle” Batteries Last?

This question is an important question and one where you can use the info above, particularly amperage per hours, as well as amperage capacity with the added reserves of capacity in the mix.

All three of these are essential when it comes to a battery “lasting long,” especially in deep cycle functions for boat activities:

1. Amperage per hours is necessary because a high rate (like the above 40) can take recharging much quicker and thus, faster charging for the next boat or RV ride.
2. Amperage cranking capacity is necessary because a high rate (like the above 840) can deliver sufficiently, maybe even, optimal currents to your device’s applications and platforms—just starting is not enough.
3. Reserves of capacity are substantial because a high rate like the SRM batteries of Interstate with an average of 160-amps, help sustain a battery’s charging voltage during a float and protects a cell from going into the discharge

Interstate is many things as a battery brand, but as far as Interstate deep cycle battery prices go, your options are well in assurance.