Interstate Deep Cycle Marine Battery SRM-24 Review

Out of the many SRM models of Interstate, the SRM-24 would not strike the greatest of impressions in terms of a “marine deep cycle” battery—at least in comparison to its high-performance brother and siblings.

But it is still one of the “better” models to come out of the battery lineup of Interstate, with just about the “same” number of features and “perks” that can run with the rest of them.

And not for nothing, but it helps out a lot, that the Interstate deep cycle marine battery SRM-24 is entirely (probably) the most budget-friendly out of all those that you can find in their lineup.

Product Review For The Interstate SRM-24—How Long Do These Deep cycle Batteries Last?

If this were a race to the finish (and good thing that it is not), the SRM-24 would not hold much of a candle in comparison to the more pronounceable and remarkable “higher tier” members of the Interstate family.

Where the SRM-24 competes well it is where it is most relatable to people who are just getting into the whole marine operations game:

It wins out in terms of weight in comparison to the Interstate higher tier battery lineup
It wins out with a budget-friendly allocation, which is always a concern whenever people are willing to invest in a company (not just batteries).
It levels out with its other members because it contains similar structure and design, without sacrificing other performance metrics (it is far from the best, of course, but it performs well).

In retrospect, check out the “perks” you can get from an SRM-24 model from Interstate:

550 in the CCA rating, which is high for a battery group of “24” designation
140 by way of minutes in terms of RC, with an amperage distribution of 25 amperes per hour—a good reserve of capacity range, if anything
There is 12 by way of months in terms of warranty inspection and usage.

Overall, the other members of the ‘higher tier” list outrank the SRM-24 by a total of 30 points when you put their CCA and RC ratings in comparison—with over 2 hours and beyond of staying power in the water (really cool).

In terms of a trade, you cannot say that it is a lousy product—not by a long shot.

Approximately, Just How Much Does An Interstate SRM-24 Marine Battery Weight?

You can be an assurance that it is one of—if not the—lightest of the marine batteries you can find in the Interstate lineup.

But, in approximation, you can find that it is lighter in comparison to higher tier batteries with it weighing around 46 by way of pounds (lbs.), which is not that much and is quite portable to carry around.

Are Interstate Marine Batteries—Like The SRM-24—AGM Material?

Including the higher tier ones up to the list of the marine batteries of Interstate, you will find that the SRM-24 model uses features in structure and design to an AGM model.

An AGM is usually a construction model that indicates that the “acid” material that the inside battery cell uses is in compression by a gel-like enclosure to keep it from spilling out or leaking out—causing all sorts of damage.

Fortunately, the Interstate deep cycle marine battery SRM-24 avoids this issue to a reasonable degree of assurance.

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