Are Optima Batteries Any Good? Read My Reviews…

You really do not give a thought about your battery until it decides to give up. And as such, your battery should also last long and give you the power your vehicle needs to fire up. One battery brand that delivers on their promise is the Optima batteries.

Optima car batteries are designed to last longer and are reliable in all situations. But which optima battery is the best? My pick and the favorite among most other customers is the RedTop 8004-003 34/78 Battery. With a stunning cold-cranking amp and reserve capacity, the battery should be your number one choice if it fits your car.

Optima batteries come in three variants: RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop. Each of these variants serves a specific vehicle and needs. Who makes Optima car batteries? Doesn’t this question strike your mind? Well, it is the well-known battery manufacturing giant, Johnson Controls. They have quite a list of batteries in their bucket, including DuraLast by AutoZone, DieHard by Sears, EverStart by Walmart, and more.

Top 3 Best Optima Car Batteries Review

Here are my top 3 picks and their optima car battery comparison. It was hard to choose, but I can recommend these for your vehicles easily.

1. Optima RedTop 8004-003 34/78 Battery

Often we forget to consider the weather conditions and the driving conditions before finalizing a battery. Your battery is your companion everywhere, and the right battery can take you forwards way beyond what is anticipated. Off-road vehicles, difficult terrains, hot-rods, etc., this battery can make it look like a child’s play.

The RedTop 8004-003 34/78 Battery is designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions and also harsh terrains that most batteries cannot handle. With the cranking amps to be 1000 amps, it provides the most powerful burst of energy among batteries in this range. Not to be left behind, the cold cranking amps is an impressive 800 amps, hence can withstand extreme cold and freezing temperatures.

The case is made of polypropylene material and is 15 times more vibration resistant than other batteries. Being an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, it is also virtually leak-proof and spill-proof. Hence, it can be mounted in any position in your vehicle. However, the dimensions may be a problem for certain cars.

The batteries from this brand are maintenance-free with fast recharging capability. It has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes, which gives it an optimal starting power in all conditions. The most important fact I just have to mention is that these batteries have 3 times more life than its competitors.

Its innovative Spiral Cell Technology consists of 99.99% pure lead, which delivers more power consistently throughout its life rather than the conventional flat plate AGM batteries. Optima car battery warranty is three years but claims that the batteries can last as long as four years and more.


  • Produces maximum cranking power even in severe weather conditions
  • Durability
  • Leak-proof and Spill-proof
  • Mountable in any position


  • Its dimensions can be a problem with specific cars
  • Can discharge easily if not used for a long period of time

2. Optima RedTop 8003-151 34R Battery

Optima is known for batteries that fit any vehicle, driving condition, and weather condition. And the RedTops are particularly known for their startup power and are the best starting batteries in its range. Another highly rated battery preferred by the customers is the RedTop 8003-151 34R Battery.

Starting with their specifications, they offer an impressive 800 cold-cranking amps and 1000 cranking amps. With these, your vehicle should be able to navigate through harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions very easily. Be it a quick start or a powerful pickup or capable of navigating tight corners, these batteries can handle any situations.

The polypropylene case material makes it 15 times more vibration resistant than the lead-acid batteries. These are Absorbed Glass Mat batteries but with the revolutionary spiral cell technology featuring 99.99% pure lead plates. They help deliver a strong blast of start-up power consistently throughout its lifetime.

Being AGM, it is mountable in any position without fear of leaks or spills. It is maintenance-free and is also long-lasting with three times more life than its rivals. They also feature Dual SAE/GM posts and weigh about 38.8 lbs.

The RedTop battery has a fast recharge capability. With a reverse capacity of 100 minutes, the battery has an excellent starting power. I also got to mention that even though it has a good CCA, it performs well in hot and humid conditions also. The battery is perfect for daily usage as well as SUVs, off-road vehicles, and hotrods.


  • Can install the battery in any position since it is leak-proof and spill-proof
  • 15 times more vibration-resistant hence perfect for rough terrains
  • Works best in any weather, cold, hot, or humid conditions
  • Can use in both off-road vehicles and also heavy-duty trucks


  • Overpriced when compared to other batteries in this range

3. Optima Yellow Top 8040-218 Battery

Is your car packed with electronics and electrical requirement-heavy gadgets? Is your battery struggling to power your sound system, winch, hydraulics, etc.? You might want to look at the Yellow Top 8040-218 Battery.

Powered by its state-of-the-art spiral cell technology with 99.99% pure lead plates, the battery consistently produces enough power to operate all your pieces of equipment. Moreover, this makes it a clean source, safe for the environment.

Due to the battery having a very low discharge rate, it need not be used every day. You can install it in your seasonal vehicles. In short, you can leave it in your summer vehicle and not use the car at all in winter. Next spring, jump start your battery and drive it as if nothing has happened.

Coming to the specifications, the battery has a cold-cranking amp of 620 and a cranking amp of 770 amps, which is not as great compared to other models. An important mention goes to its reserve capacity, which is 98 minutes at 25 amps.

The YellowTop battery is a deep cycle battery hence allows for deep discharges. And, being an Absorbed Glass Mat battery, it is virtually leak-proof and non-spillable. Accordingly, it can be mounted in any position, depending on your vehicle’s dimensions. This also makes it 15 times more resistant to vibrations. The battery lasts three times longer than other brands in any climate and terrain conditions.

After talking about the above features, I have to mention its recharging capability, which is longer than any I have seen in the market so far. It boasts of about 300 discharge and recharge cycles, the highest I have ever seen.


  • Works for vehicles that require more battery to power its accessories
  • 300 discharge/recharge cycles
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Clean and efficient energy
  • Less self-discharge


  • Not suitable for older cars
  • Can overheat easily

Why Optima Batteries?

Optima batteries are one of the best batteries to look out for when you are buying a car battery. They have been around for more than half a century, producing innovative batteries to generate efficient power in a short time. With a couple of inventions in their bucket, the brand continues to manufacture top quality batteries that consistently deliver results.

The company started its operations back in 1952. They are the first company to manufacture the first 100% maintenance-free lead-acid batteries that are still being used for military and commercial vehicles. They are also responsible for the first AGM batteries that deliver a high performance. On the same line, their Spiral Cell Technology is also one of the kind that you see only with Optima.

Another question I need to address here is, how long do optima car batteries last? Their batteries can last as long as 8 years in moderate, optimum conditions considering the vehicle’s condition. In any case, it can easily last 4 years.

3 Reasons for Choosing Optima

1. They Use Virgin Lead (99.99% Pure Lead)

The brand uses pure lead plates in their batteries. Usually, these are made of a lead alloy, which doesn’t conduct electricity as fast as the virgin one. Without the impurities in the way, these allow fast electricity flow, enabling a faster recharge and also long discharge time.

2. Their Spiral Cell Technology

Instead of the regular lead-acid battery where the plates float in the electrolyte solution, for AGM construction, the plates hold the fluid in place. The plates are tightly wound into spiral cells and are held in place inside the battery case. The intention of this design is to increase the surface area allowing the battery to offer resistance to impacts and also generate more power.

3. Their Specifications

Every battery proves its mettle through its specifications and going through with their claims. Optima ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the technicalities.

  • Case: The battery case is welded using special precision technology to preserve its contents. Hence the resultant package is a tightly sealed battery with no chances of spilling or leaking and also resistant to vibration.
  • Long Life: The above construction gives the battery durability and longer life. It is also resistant to high temperatures and the reason why the batteries last two times longer than its competitors.
  • Resistance to Vibration: The tightly wound cells placed strategically can withstand vibrations better than any other battery. Consequently, these are 15 times more resistant to vibrations and do not damage easily.
  • Resistance to the Harmful Aspects: The battery is of pure lead, hence corrosion-resistant and ideal for all extreme weather conditions.
  • Powerful Start: The construction also allows for more power during start-up in the first few seconds, which is the critical period.

Difference Between the Optima Batteries

Optima batteries come in three variants:

  1. RedTop Battery
  2. YellowTop Battery
  3. BlueTop Battery

Each of them has different specifications and are used in different applications. But, their construction and quality remain the same throughout.

RedTop Battery

RedTop Battery is a high-performance AGM battery ideal for daily needs. You can power your cars, SUVs, trucks, and other cars that need a powerful starting battery. But, your vehicle will also need a good alternator. If your car is modified with all the bells and whistles, you might want to opt for a RedTop as well.

It is designed to give strong blasts of power consistently for reliable ignition. They give the strongest 5-second burst of power you need to start your vehicle. It is spill-proof hence can also be used in off-road terrains.

YellowTop Battery

YellowTop battery handles the power needs of your vehicle beyond the start-up. It is also a true dual-purpose AGM battery with impressive cranking power and cycling capability. Modern vehicles loaded with more electronic devices like GPS, DVD player, and power inverters benefit from these batteries.

It can easily handle the power demand. Hence, you can also go for the battery if you have the below modifications done to your vehicle.

  • Racing Ignition Systems
  • Hydraulics
  • H.I.D. Lights
  • Winches

BlueTop Battery

An exceptional battery with both dual-purpose and starting applications, the BlueTop battery has an outstanding running time and even more recharges than a YellowTop battery. It provides 3 times more recharges than traditional marine batteries.

This makes it ideal for marine applications and RVs. You can go for a BlueTop battery if you have:

  • Motorboats with comprehensive electronic systems
  • Electric trolling motors
  • Stereo Systems


Optima batteries have been around for more than half a decade and one of the best out there. Their batteries consistently outperform other brands. With better CCA, CA, and RC, the batteries offer a powerful start-up in any weather conditions.

Out of all the batteries, my choice is the RedTop 8004-003 34/78 Battery, which is one of the most impressive starting batteries I have ever encountered.

The batteries come in three variants: RedTop, which is a good starting battery, YellowTop for modern vehicles with electronic accessories, and BlueTop for marine applications and also RVs.

Check my other two picks and their review in the article above.