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Research Findings in the Journal of Disability Policy Studies

Research Findings in the
Journal of Disability Policy Studies

Volume 17/No. 4/2007

Guest Editor: Glen W. White, PHD Research and Training Center on Independent Living
University of Kansas

This edition features Nobody Left Behind Research study results and other findings in the find, including the following:

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response for Persons with Mobility Impairments: Results from the University of Kansas Nobody Left Behind Project, by Fox, M.H., White, G.W., Rooney, C., & Rowland, J.

  • Moving beyond "Special Needs": A function based framework for emergency management and planning, by Kailes, J.I. & Enders, A.

  • Consumer Perspective: A Narrative Analysis of a Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Survey from Persons with Mobility Impairments, by Rooney, C., & White, G.W.

  • Emergency Response Training Practices for People with Disabilities: Analysis of Some Current Practices and Recommendations for Future Training Programs, by Rowland, J., Fox, M.H., White, G.W., & Rooney, C.

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  • Check your library, the site above, or purchase a copy of the entire Journal from PRO-ED by calling 1-800-897-3202 and ask for the Journal on Disability Policy Studies, Volume 17 (4), Spring 2007.

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