Are Sears DieHard Batteries Any Good? Read My Honest Review

Your top of the line premium car is parked outside. One day you find that the battery has drained? Most likely it is the battery. Hence the reason why brands matter the most when it comes to car batteries. DieHard battery by Sears is a brand that is well known for its quality batteries.

There are quite a lot of great batteries when it comes to DieHard. However, my pick is the 38217 Group 49 battery from their Advanced Gold AGM variant. More than being a sturdy battery of good quality, it also performs well in all conditions.

Choosing a car battery is one of the most significant aspects of having and driving modern vehicles. You need to finalize an efficient car battery that is good from the economic aspect as well as the performance aspect. I believe DieHard fulfills all these expectations.

Top 3 Best Diehard Car Battery Comparisons

Before we head on to the details of each of the three products, let us first know who makes the DieHard batteries. Well, Johnson Controls is the company behind these car products, that have gained a massive response from the consumers. They are profoundly popular due to their features, such as long life and affordability.

1. DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Group 49 battery

Experts and consumers alike have the 38217 Group 49 battery as the best battery among all DieHard batteries. Batteries from this brand have a longer life than the vehicle itself. This battery comes with a life expectancy double that of a conventional lead-corrosive battery.

The car product is constructed with AGM, which scales up the life of the battery. Apart from this, there are several other features making it so special. One of which is the 170 reserve minutes which is the total reserve capacity of the battery.

Constructed with a tamper-resistance material, it has 20x more protection from vibration and is more durable than your run of the mill battery. The battery is perfect for cars with a huge loading limit. Its ability to discharge and to keep up a sufficient charge makes it a good choice for cars with a complex system.

Another unique aspect of 38217 is its ability to perform even during a chilly atmosphere outside. The credit for this amazing feature goes to the battery’s extensive 850 cold-cranking amps. Also, this is what makes it different from traditional heavyweight batteries.

It can work well during tough conditions due to its AGM configuration. This configuration also protects it from breaks. Coming to the warranty, this battery has a three-year warranty with free replacement.


  • A considerably longer lifespan
  • Ability to protect its internal components
  • Quite a smart design
  • Ability to work even during harsh weather
  • Electrolyte suspension
  • Perfect for trucks, RV, and several recreational vehicles


  • The battery comes in a small size

2. Diehard 1B077741997 Advanced Gold AGM Battery

If your requirement is a battery to serve you during 4×4 adventures, the 1B077741997 battery from group 34 can be a good choice. This is a reliable battery and appears quite extraordinary and extreme.

You may not want it due to its heavy cost, but the battery works well on all cars. It has a lot of power to function well and can be used as stock. Thanks to the CCA of 775, it works great even during a tough climate, so you will not have to worry if the weather gets frigid.

Furthermore, 1B077741997 has high durability and good lifespan. It will serve you longer and will power several vehicles. Apart from all this, it can work with SUVs and many more vehicles.

Being AGM, it has a no-spill design and twenty times more vibration protection than the standard lead-acid battery. The full-frame positive and negative plates help to avoid electrical shorts. This feature makes the battery more durable and also long-lasting.

Finally comes the reserve capacity at 120 minutes which is much more than standard ratings. The diehard battery warranty is the same as that of other Gold AGM batteries at 3 years with free replacement.


  • Has a replacement warranty of 3 years
  • 2x longer life than lead-acid batteries
  • Highly durable
  • Capacity to be used for more than just one vehicle


  • Incompatibility with several vehicles
  • Not an economical option

3. Diehard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery

Coming to our third pick, we have this 38275 Group 35 Battery. The battery is just perfect for RV, trucks, Marine, and several other recreational vehicles. One special point about the product is its ability to handle vibrations. It comes with a huge capacity for vibration assurance which shields the battery from harm and breakage.

It comes with magnificent battery life, far greater than several leading lead batteries in demand today. Furthermore, it also comes with a spill-free construction to add security to modern electronics.

This product is popular for its ability to withstand high temperatures, whose credit goes to the predominant AGM configuration. While it comes with enhanced negative and positive plates to prevent electrical shorts, its signature framework assures the welfare of its internal parts.

As with all batteries from this brand, it charges quickly and also retains the charge for long periods of time. Though the CCA of 650 ensures that the battery endures the cold, it is also suitable for hot weather.

The battery is very appropriate for watercraft, rough terrain vehicles, tuner autos as well as execution autos. That’s because it can handle vibrations well.


  • Great power and long life
  • Highly durable battery
  • AGM configuration to work in high temperatures
  • Well-protected internal components


  • Can pose problems during installation

Sears Car Battery Overview

Before we start, let me address this question I have been asked quite a few times, are DieHard batteries good? Let me assure you that they are. They are in fact the pick of many mechanics and car aficionados purely due to their performance.

Sears, who sells DieHard batteries, seems to have done a great job. Originally a product of Sears, the battery was a result of 9 years of research and that was back in 1967. After years of being a favorite among motorists, the brand is now a part of Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

The batteries are considered extraordinary when compared with most other batteries in the market. That’s due to their long lives, which can be even longer than your vehicle. Their reliability is also attested by the consumers who rely on the brand for their quality batteries.

All their lines are considered maintenance-free, even their lead-acid lines, but that doesn’t mean you should not have it checked professionally. Their signature stamped grid technology also offers corrosion resistance and plays a major part in its popularity.

These batteries work well during chilly as well as dry climate outside and are pretty much affordable as well. They can handle rugged conditions and also the vibrations.

Coming to the more important question, where to buy DieHard car battery? You can buy them from Sears, Advance Auto Parts, and other stores like Walmart.

The Different DieHard Batteries

Diehard batteries come in a series of 5 variants, of which one of them is AGM, while the others are lead-acid batteries. A few specifications remain the same for all the variants, like their life span and ability to work in cold temperatures. But most specifications change with platinum and gold being the preferred ones of them all.


A quality battery that fits within your budget and gives you a reliable source of power. They are maintenance-free and also long-lasting. Though they are value batteries, the cranking amps, cold-cranking amps, and reserve capacity are quite good. Whether they meet your vehicle’s demands need to be seen. They have a 1-year warranty which includes a free replacement should any issues arise.


The Silver line of batteries provides you with a steady source of power at all seasons, even in extreme temperatures. They are designed to meet or even exceed the manufacturer’s requirements in terms of reserve capacity, cranking amps, and also cold-cranking amps. They are good starting batteries for cars without many electrical requirements in the value section. These batteries come with a warranty of 2 years.


The Gold line of batteries delivers the maximum cranking power required for any vehicle, making sure that it gets started even in the coldest and hottest climates too. Empowered with their patented Stamped Grid technology, the battery is durable and stronger than its counterparts eliminating battery failure. It also reduces energy usage and as a result the greenhouse gas emissions too. Again, they have a 3-year warranty that includes free replacement.


Have a car with an increased electrical requirement? Your choice should be the Platinum line with their Stamped Grid technology. The grid ensures that the battery lasts 30% longer than the Gold series of batteries. It also makes sure that the terminals are 2 times more corrosion resistant. The Platinum variant comes with a 4-year warranty during which you can get a free replacement.

Platinum AGM

The Platinum AGM line is the only AGM variant in the brand. They are meant for heavy vehicles and meet the heavy electrical demands of any car. Most reliable among all batteries, they have more than two times the life span of lead-acid batteries. Their signature grid design ensures that the electrical flow is 60 times better than any other battery. They are also corrosion resistant with less greenhouse gas emissions. As for the warranty, they have a 3-year warranty with free replacement.

Diehard Car Battery Buying Guide

Choosing a car battery requires you to go through some careful research. We, of course, need to ensure that we bring the right product home. And that is based upon so many factors which are discussed below.
So if you ask which DieHard battery do I need, you can study these details and decide for yourself.

Go with a Higher CCA for the Product

CCA stands for Cold Crankings Amp. The CCA measures the ability of a car battery to start your vehicle’s engine at a cold temperature. A higher CCA will be good if you are living in an area with a lower temperature range. It makes sure that the battery has a good starting power in freezing weather conditions.

DieHard Batteries come with a minimum of 500 CCA even in the Red variant making sure that all products including the value option are reliable. Going higher, the robust design of the Platinum and Gold variants ensure that the battery performs well in high temperature and also cold weather.

Dimensions of the Battery

Simply, you should choose a battery with a size suitable for your car. If you choose the wrong size, that is surely not going to work well. To verify the same, you can add your vehicle in Advance Auto Parts, and it will give you the details of all the DieHard batteries that fit your car. No need for going through hoops and jumps to confirm the dimensions.

Also, it will be convenient if the battery also comes with handles or loops. DieHard being smaller in dimensions will allow you to easily install the battery if you are doing this yourself. Unless you are a mechanic, I’d suggest you get help from a professional since your warranty doesn’t cover any issues due to the wrong installation.

Low-Maintenance Battery

Another factor you should consider is the requirement for maintenance. These days many batteries do not require much of it. However, there are still several batteries which need water occasionally. But not with DieHard.

All the variants of the brand are low maintenance. They do not require frequent checks and can be economical too in the long run. But, it would be great for the battery if you conduct an annual check at the service center. You can catch any issues before they cost you money.


Choosing the right battery at the right time, both are significant to keep things economical and convenient. One should not delay it too much and research well before finalizing the product. I hope that these DieHard battery reviews help clear some of your doubts regarding the particular models of car batteries and about making a good choice.