Are EverStart Automotive Batteries Any Good? Here’s My Reviews

Changing your car batteries can be one of those sudden costs curbing your savings. Do not worry as this article is about a cheap and good quality range of car battery products that can help you save a lot. They are the EverStart car batteries.

To my in-depth research, the EverStart Maxx is the best pick from the EverStart car battery ranges available in the market. Curious to know why?

For general usage, this car battery will serve you the best for day-to-day usage and also comes in various group sizes. The various group sizes show the different battery power and size ranges required for each car type. So, even for a car carrying 5-7 people, this car battery will provide the necessary power required.

Walmart is the go-to store for budget shopping. Walmart also has their line of products for almost every item on their shelf. EverStart car batteries are one such product line sold by Walmart and manufactured by Johnson Controls. Now it is even possible to fit the costly car batteries within your budget.

Top 3 Best EverStart Car Battery Comparisons

Before diving into the direct answer on what is the best EverStart car battery, let us review the different car batteries available in the market. The batteries that are under review today are:

1. EverStart Maxx

The EverStart Maxx comes with electrodes made up of lead plates, submerged in the electrolyte solution of sulphuric acid. This simple and cost-effective model is what makes this battery’s pricing range starts from $120 in Walmart. There are Maxx battery ranges available for cars, RV, and even for your boats.

The Maxx car battery is compatible with a lot of car models from different makes. The installation process is quite simple as the battery guide provided along with the purchase will clearly state the connectivity of the terminals. These batteries are very efficient and will reduce the maintenance charges too.

A great feature offered by Walmart buying the battery is, you can test it in the Walmart Auto Care Center. If you still feel like installing the battery on your own, they also provide a free installation.


  • Affordable cost
  • The simple battery model is also harmless to the environment
  • Long warranty period (up to 5 years) and free replacement for 3 years from the date of buying the battery
  • Reliable and can withstand long hours of drive


  • There is no indication when the charge becomes low
  • Only distilled water is required to operate the battery
  • The advanced features are not seen as the battery model is very simple

2. EverStart Maxx – 24FN

The place where we live can also influence our car battery. Colder places need car batteries that cope up with the cold climate very well.

The Maxx – 24FN is the battery you must opt for if you are living in the colder regions of the United States. Choosing this battery for colder regions will give your car that extra push during the harsh weather.

There is a measure called CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to be noted when you buy car batteries in colder regions. The higher this value, the better efficiency it provides. The Maxx – 24FN comes with a 725 CCA rating, which is a pretty good number to withstand the minus temperatures.

This car battery model is quite cheaper than the other brands and is compatible with most of the car models. However, the battery is hefty and must be handled carefully if you are installing it on your own.


  • Suitable for places that are usually chilly
  • Good warranty period (36 months)
  • Free installation is done at Walmart
  • Provides good power to the car
  • Helps to start the car without any struggle


  • Regular checking of the battery charge is a must
  • Does not have removable caps

3. EverStart Maxx – 24F

The Maxx – 24F Group Size batteries are designed for the colder regions. With a cranking capacity of 750 CCA, this car battery will be a lifesaver when you are running late to the office after a heavy snow day.

Maxx – 24F car batteries can bear heavy loads during the winters. If you are sure that your place drops below 0°C, then go for this battery without any second thoughts.

The price of this battery is on the higher side currently. It used to cost just above $100 with taxes but now, it sells at $235 at Walmart. Yet, this is still a reasonable price for the specifications it holds compared to other brands.

As mentioned earlier, car batteries from this brand have the best grade in the market quality-wise. So, investing in this battery will do good for many years.


  • The batteries come with Walmart’s benefits of free installation and battery testing
  • You can get up to 5 years of warranty
  • This is also a lead electrode battery, meaning it’s efficient
  • The cranking Amps can boost to 925 CCA at 0°C and below
  • Gives a powerful boost to the car
  • Easy to set up on our own


  • Heavy to lift
  • On the pricier side

Walmart Car Battery Overview

You might have come across the name EverStart car batteries at some point. The affordability of the product would’ve surely reached your ears. But, have you ever wondered who sells these EverStart car batteries? The reason that these batteries are very affordable and can go easier on your pocket is that Walmart sells them.

EverStart is a brand sold only at Walmart. So, all the battery models compared above are the Walmart car batteries. All the batteries are efficient, reliable, sustainable to the environment, and are affordable except the Maxx – 24F.

Considering the different factors like the place you live, the temperature of the surrounding, and the pollution level of your city, you can analyze and get the battery suitable for your car.

Replacing an old battery with a new one can be a tedious task for many of us. A costly one too. So, with the benefit of a budget, these batteries can be a great alternative with no compromise to quality.

EverStart Car Battery Buying Guide

The Walmart car battery reviews above might have given you some perspective about the EverStart batteries. But are there any other factors you need to consider before getting your hands on one?

This is another common confusion many of you might face. The below-mentioned elements can help you make a final decision.

1. Power of the Battery

Different car models need different battery power to supply the necessary force to operate the car. The most important notion to consider while checking the power of the battery is to check the CCA or the Cold Cranking Amps of the rating of the battery. EverStart batteries come with sufficient cold-cranking amps so as to power the batteries in the freezing weather.

The Maxx range is much more equipped to handle the cold weather. Higher CCA ratings will provide enough ignition to the car. If you are living in sunny places, then the Value or Plus batteries will suffice.

Another important point to note is the reserve minutes which again is reasonable with EverStart batteries. While the reserve minutes might not matter much in normal circumstances, it is crucial when your charging system in the car fails.

2. Recycling – An Essential Step

Planning to buy a new battery? Then it is very important to know that in almost all the states of the US, you can recycle your old battery in the Walmart store that you are about to get a new one.

By doing this, you can avoid an extra charge on your new Everstart battery called the Core Battery Charge. This charge varies from state to state and usually lies in the range of $12 – $14.

So, if you want to avoid this extra charge on your new battery, do not forget to recycle your old one. Bring your old battery to a Walmart Store and get your core charge refunded back on the purchase of a new one.

3. Corrosion Prevention in the Battery

Corrosion of the terminals is one of the major issues with every lead-acid battery. While EverStart batteries last long without the fear of corrosion, it wouldn’t hurt to take precautions. Anti-Corrosion sprays or oils are available for less than $10 in the market. They may not be useful at first, but once your battery starts to get old, they start to corrode.

Most of the corrosion starts in the terminals of the battery. So, if you want to improve the lifespan of your battery, it is best to get one of these sprays and clean the metal areas of the batteries every 2 months.

4. The Warranty Card Check

It is the general rule of thumb that the longer the warranty, the better quality a product has. The most general car battery warranty found in the market is for 1 year. Choose a car battery that has long years of warranty benefits. Even if there is a repair, a warranty card will save the day.

Contrary to its price, EverStart offers a good warranty with all its batteries even the value series. For instance, the Value range of batteries come with a 1-year warranty, and the Plus with 2 years free replacement warranty. The Maxx range tops with 3 years free replacement warranty and 2 years prorated warranty. And the newest Platinum AGM range has about 4 years warranty for a free replacement.

5. The Different Types of Batteries in the Market

One of the most commonly used car battery types is the Lead-Acid battery. These are typically low maintenance batteries that need only the distilled water for their functioning much like the EverStart Value, Plus, and Maxx range of batteries. They are the more conventional batteries and suitable for vehicles with day-to-day electronics.

Another type of car battery is the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. They can be used for high performance and many other beneficial features. A car that needs high power and energy that also has the start-stop facility in it can use this battery type.

Also, AGM car batteries can the car run in a fuel-efficient manner similar to the EverStart Platinum AGM line of batteries. EverStart battery also has a Platinum AGM line with a top post. It boasts of a life span two times more than conventional batteries.

6. Fitting the Right-Sized Battery

Car batteries come in many different sizes. Based on the size of your car, you need to choose the right one that will fit perfectly. The battery measurements can be easy to get. Most of the cars have them mentioned in their specifications or you can always seek out expert help.

Some of the standard car battery sizes available in the market are 24/24F, 34/78, 35, 47 (H5), 48 (H6), 49 (H8), 51R, 65, and 75.

The manuals of these batteries say what car they will fit into. If not, you can always ask the store staff to help you find the perfect battery size for your car. Or you can use the Online Battery Finder by Walmart to choose your EverStart battery in case you are ordering online.


To give an overall summary, car batteries are a huge investment. Both financially and for the health of your car. They are the powerhouse of a car and you must give good attention to them even before buying one. By choosing the right car battery, you not only save a lot of money but also increase the longevity of your car.

It is always advisable to do in-depth research on the different models available in the market. But if there is a benefit to getting a high-quality battery at less cost, then that is a great deal to grab.

This article explains to you why EverStart car batteries are the best option for your car. My pick from the brand is the Maxx batteries. With a high CCA rating, long life span, and 3-year warranty in addition to a 2-year pro-rata is enough to hook me in.

So, next time when you are tight on budget and your car is indicating a battery change, then do opt for EverStart car batteries from your nearest Walmart.