Interstate Deep Cycle Marine Battery SRM-29 Review

One of the best heavy-duty performance marine batteries you can find with the Interstate brand, the SRM-29 is as good as it can get in terms of both performance metrics as well as a reasonable budget for longer marine activity goals.

It is suitable for “deep cycling” as far as the parameters of performance goals and will attract those who need it for a longer-term investment, and those who possess more “experience” for a short-term utilization—the Interstate deep cycle marine battery SRM-29 is hard to come by in terms of overall balance.

Product Review Of The Interstate SRM-29—Are These SRM Batteries Even AGM?

First off, let us waste no quarry and head to some of the “perks” and “goods” that the SRM-29 of Interstate can bring forth to your marine and boat activities:

Like a lot of Interstate SRM models, you get a 12 by way of months warranty to the bank to assure your concerns.
You get a heavy-duty (as in 60 lbs. heavy!) of good structure and design that can protect the internal space of the battery from external damage as well as temperature control.
It possesses one of the higher CCA ranking/ratings with 670 amps to ‘cold crank’ your boat batteries.
It possesses one of the higher RC ratings with over 210 (minutes!) to help you continue running your appliances/applications while in the water.
And yes, you get the assurance (as with other top brands out there), that this product uses an AGM model to keep the internal vibration resistance low and thus, keep the temperature in control just as well.

And, while this is a most personal and subjective type of measurement, the budget is reasonable enough if your expertise borders more on its immediate uses and it will most likely serve you well because of this regard.

While the SRM-29 may the bank for more beginner and intermediate users, it still is well within comparably more affordable ranges than other brands you can find—which a good thing for the most part for all its performance metrics above.

Are These Interstate SRM-29 Marine Batteries “Maintenance” Free?

To a more reasonable and acceptable extent, these SRM-29 batteries of Interstate are relative “maintenance” free by way of less fuss coming from you as a customer.

Take note that AGM or advanced glass mat is in use for a reason—it uses a fiber-mat that essentially compresses the acidic base material inside the battery to avoid all sorts of trouble from “leaks and spills.”

By that way, you also get an indirect control of internal resistance and heat, which can mean all but signs of “doom” for a marine battery in the long-run as it interferes with its “deep cycling” function” through sulfate buildup.

How Long Do These Interstate SRM-29 Deep Cycle Batteries “Last”?

The answer for this is in measurement by way of minutes, as in the reservation of capacity (RC) that is part of the performance metrics of the battery in question.

In the case of the Interstate deep cycle marine battery SRM-29, you get a—whooping!—210 minutes (almost 4 hours) of “staying power” for your applications and appliances as well as for your overall survival in the middle of an ocean or river—nifty’ is an understatement as to this battery model’s worth as an investment.

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