Who Makes Super Start Car Batteries? Let’s Find Out…

Super Start is one of the leading car battery brands on the market. Whether you have a car or truck, you’ll find a battery that will help improve your vehicle’s power and efficiency. These batteries are designed using premium materials that deliver reliability and sustained performance.

Car battery products come in multiple variations and options. To ensure safe and optimal operation, make sure you choose the correct battery for your vehicle model. My Choice For Best Super Start Battery: Platinum Battery!

To learn more about the best battery and how to shop for them, continue reading.

Top 3 Best Super Start Car Battery Review

As I stated earlier, you can find Super Start car batteries in various configurations and types. Each category provides the driver with tailored benefits based on how they drive their vehicle. Before you purchase any of the battery options I mention below, make sure you think about the make and model of your vehicle in addition to how you intend to drive it.

1. Super Start Extreme Battery G

The Extreme Battery G is a powerful battery that delivers maximum starting power each time your crank your key. This battery can also withstand varying temperatures and climates without suffering from decreased performance. This is especially important for those that live in cold or scorching environments.

These car batteries are backed by their service guarantee. So, you’re always protected in the case of any malfunctions or problems. This is one of the reasons why Super Start batteries are a favorite amongst vehicle owners.

Getting default 3 years of coverage provides an extra layer of assurance for you, the end-consumer from the manufacturer, knowing they stand behind their product’s quality so much.


  • Can withstand exposure to high heat without breaking down
  • Standard 3-year Super Start battery warranty with the purchase
  • Maximizes the starting power of your vehicle
  • Unique grid design that results in more power per pound being delivered while your vehicle is in use
  • Provides more stability for your vehicle during the engine start phase


  • Quite heavy

2. Super Start Premium Battery

Premium batteries are designed to deliver enhanced performance benefits while reducing the total amount of maintenance required by your battery routinely. The cool feature of this battery is they come with integrated puncture/tear resistance design elements that protect the plates from damage.

The Premium batteries use state-of-the-art paste adhesion technology that boosts the overall performance of the batteries. These batteries also use efficient crystallization that preserves the overall lifespan of the batteries.

These batteries utilize patented cell connector technology that improves the amount of regulated current flow in the battery. These batteries are equipped with deep pocket plate separators that reduce the odds of your battery shorting out. You’ll also find the high-storage capacity electrolyte reservoirs, so your battery holds charges for a much longer time.


  • Resists short-circuiting thanks to deep pocket plate separators
  • Large electrolyte reservoirs for maximum energy efficiency
  • Efficient current flow
  • Maximum starting power
  • Reduced maintenance schedule


  • More expensive

3. Super Start Platinum Battery

The Platinum battery sports a unique design objective, which is making the battery maintenance-free. Instead of just sounding good on paper, Super Start has managed to make the functional implementation of this feature a reality. When installing a platinum battery, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving premium performance results.

One of the most exciting features of the platinum line is that the batteries are proven to deliver powerful starting capabilities coupled with extended battery life. Even when faced with rigorous operating conditions, the Platinum battery still performs at superior levels.

These batteries also come with all-weather starting protection, so you’ll never have to worry about being left out in the wilderness. All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable battery to install in your vehicle, the Platinum series is a great pick to go with.


  • Works optimally in a wide range of different conditions
  • Powerful starting capabilities
  • High-powered operation
  • Very dependable and reliable
  • Compatible with various vehicle types
  • Great warranty protection


  • Quite heavy to pick up and install

Super Start Batteries Overview

Super Start is undoubtedly one of the top companies in the automotive battery industry. Compared to other companies, it boasts an impressive line-up of top-quality vehicle batteries that are compatible with vehicles of all types. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a quality replacement battery, it is sure to have an option that meets your exact desires.

The main drawing point to these car batteries for me is their innovative technology. The brand holds many patents for cutting-edge automotive battery technology that you won’t find anywhere else.

While some of their more capable batteries can get pricey, it’s well worth the money as they last their stated performance life, if not longer. Super Start is a great brand to shop for those looking to make a worthwhile investment in a car battery that will provide them with real performance.

If you’ve been reading so far and are thinking, “who makes super start batteries?” I’ve got the answer for you. These batteries are produced by East Penn Manufacturing, who also produced the well-known battery brand “Deka.”

Now that I’ve given you a super start battery review, it’s time to get to the part everyone has been waiting for.

Super Start Car Battery Buying Guide

Before you can buy a new car battery to install in your vehicle, you must know how to choose the right one. When selecting a battery for your car, there are several factors and variables to consider. Failing to do your proper research can result in you choosing a battery that simply can’t keep up with your vehicle’s demands.

To avoid that, I’m going to give you a detailed breakdown of all the essential factors you need to know when buying a new car battery.

Understanding the Specs of Your New Battery

Batteries are marked and classified according to a wide range of different variables. When you go looking for a new replacement battery, you’ll need to understand what all of these markings mean. For example, CCA stands for (cold cranking amps), which refers to the amount of power a battery can produce in 0-degrees Fahrenheit.

Since Super Start batteries come in various configurations in terms of CCA, CA, and RC, it is crucial that you understand the terms before you buy one. If you’re unsure about exactly what battery is right for your vehicle, check out your owner’s manual or visit a local expert mechanic to get a professional opinion. Or you could check their website for details and also find the right battery.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a new battery only to find out it’s not compatible with your vehicle. So, take the time to look at the labels of each battery you’re thinking about buying closely. Doing so will help you save lots of time and hassle.

Making Sure You Get a New Battery

One common issue in the automotive industry is large companies or small shops refurbishing used batteries and selling them as new. As someone with no experience or little knowledge of the automotive field, you can easily get duped into buying a used battery, thinking it’s new only to be met with a dead engine a few months after purchase.

To avoid this, make sure you only purchase batteries 6 months old or less from an O’Reilly Auto Store or any other reputed Auto Parts Store. You can look at the battery case to identify a string of numbers or letters that detail when the battery was made. Different batteries use different codes to mark the production date.

To protect yourself, google the battery number found on the case before buying. This will allow you to ensure you’re getting a brand new Super Start battery in your vehicle.


Batteries come in all shapes and sizes for different vehicles. So you need to make sure you only purchase a replacement that will fit. Making sure you get the right size battery is easy because all you have to do is remove your existing one and take it with you while searching for the new one.

Or you could use the owner’s manual for the details on the right battery. If you are buying it online on the website of O’Reilly Auto Parts store, you have the option of entering the details of your vehicle after which they let you know if the product you have selected fits your vehicle.

Warranty Coverage

Regardless of how powerful or top-rated your replacement battery brand is, malfunctions and accidents can always happen. So, you need to make sure you purchase a battery with adequate warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage protects you in the event of any manufacturing errors or mishaps that cause performance issues with your battery. On average, experts suggest you should look for a battery that comes with a 2-year all-inclusive warranty similar to Super Start.

The brand offers different warranties to its variants with a minimum of 1 year to its lower end and 3 years for its Extreme and Platinum variants. In case of any issues, you can return the batteries to where you purchased it from and get it replaced.

Type of Battery

There are three main types of car batteries in existence. Each one delivers specific benefits based on the configuration of your vehicle. This is one of the most vital factors to consider because failing to install the right type of battery in your car can result in severe damage.

Here are the three main types of car batteries:

  • Lithium-Ion: Used in electric and hybrid cars because they are lighter than traditional batteries and hold much more power
  • Absorbed Glass Mat: These batteries can be recharged and drained for more cycles than conventional batteries. Thus, resulting in them lasting longer
  • Lead Acid: These are your standard car batteries that have been around for years

Always speak with a professional if you’re unsure about what kind of battery is right for your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is install the wrong battery and end up paying for even more costly repairs.

Super Start batteries manufacture lead-acid batteries via its variants Extreme and Premium. However, the Platinum variant is an AGM battery energized by its dual-purpose design.

Required Maintenance

All of the factors we’ve already covered play directly into the amount of maintenance required by your battery. Most modern battery types require minimal to no maintenance, but there are some that do.

You want to find a battery that needs little to no routine upkeep much like the Platinum variant of Super Start batteries due to its AGM construction. This will allow you to simply install the new battery in your vehicle without having to worry about performing monthly checkups or continually having to open your hood.

Even with its Extreme and Premium versions, not much maintenance is needed and definitely not topping up with water. However, for the battery to last long, I’d suggest annual maintenance which can be done at any O’Reilly store.


A battery is a crucial part of a car. It should last as long as the car if not at least longer than the warranty. Most batteries last at least 4 years with many quality batteries lasting more than 6 years easily with a little maintenance.

With Super Start batteries, the Premium variant lasts the least while the Platinum and the Extreme for more than 4 years. Among the latter choices, the Platinum is an AGM battery hence its durability is assured.


I’ve gone over all of the essential facts and information you need to know about what Super Start car battery is the best. I’ve also gone over how to find the right battery for your vehicle. Use this article as a reference to assist you when your car doesn’t start or you begin noticing issues with its power management.

By doing so, you can proactively protect yourself against potential battery issues while making sure you know what to look for if you have to buy a new one.